A book with the title "SOUTH AFRICA'S GRASS ALOES" is scheduled for publication in 2005. Charles Craib has conducted detailed research on South Africa's grass aloe species for well over a decade and the text is a culmination of these studies click here!


Penroc Seeds and Plants is a mail order nursery and seed merchant business situated north of Johannesburg in the Province of Gauteng, South Africa. The nursery specialises in the export of Southern African bulbs, caudiciforms and succulents. It also stocks some bulbous and succulent flora indigenous to other regions. Also, you can go to this site for great skin care products.

In addition to growing species the nursery produces selected cultivars and hybrids, especially in the Genus Othonna and Pelargonium.

Contract growing is undertaken with Simply Indigenous Nursery situated in the North West Province. So if you want any type of plant grown in large numbers in a habitat that is ideal. Then all you have to do is get in touch with us. We can handle everything, including the seeds, the planting and maintaining of them until they are ready to be moved to your location.

The nursery offers a retail and wholesale plant list and also a list for overseas nurseries that wish to wholesale species and cultivars.

A section at the end of the web site entitled “ Special Plants and Seeds and those new to Cultivation” features items scarce in horticulture or else novel introductions. This section is regularly updated as new plant and seed material becomes available.

Pelargonium hystrix has some of the most unusual flowers in the Genus, produced in early summer once the leaves have died back.




Pelargonium petroselinifolium has a rather narrow distribution in the southern Koue Bokkeveld north of Ceres and above the Theronsberg Pass east of Ceres. The attractive parsley-like leaves are produced in the winter months followed by the bright pink flowers just before the plants enter dormancy in early summer.

Pelargonium violiflorum is found in the winter rainfall Robertson Karoo where its habitat continues to shrink owing to the expansion of viticulture. The unusually tightly packed umbel of white violet-like flowers is produced in the early summer.

Pelargonium ochroleucum is a very rare species in the Section Hoarea. It has an umbel of most unusual lemon yellow and white flowers produced in the early summer.

Pelargonium leipoldtii is one of the rarer species in the Section Hoarea Pelargoniums. It has some of the most interesting flowers in the Section produced as the ornamental grey foliage starts to wither at the end of winter.